Monkey’s Mask

Year: 2000
Director: Samantha Lang
Cast: Syusie Porter, Kelly McGillis, Marton Csokas, Abbie Cornish
Lyrical tale with the ever-naked Susie Porter playing a feisty lesbian private eye investigating the disappearance of a young poet (Cornish).

She finds herself in the snobby, literati world of underground and academic poetry, with characters she's not used to, including the missing girl's beautiful professor (McGillis), with whom she falls in love.

The world they inhabit, together with other professors and her lover's borderline creepy husband, gets murkier, and everyone becomes a suspect as the girl is discovered murdered and the heroine digs deeper, having promised the victim's distraught mother she'll discover the truth.

A worthy effort by (then) newcomer Lang, not much more than a run of the mill detective story, but the lesbianism gives it an edge. Plenty of full frontal nudity of both leads for the perves.

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