Monsters, Inc

Year: 2001
Studio: Pixar
Director: Pete Docter
Cast: John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi, James Coburn, Jennifer Tilly, Frank Oz, Bonnie Hunt
Monsters really do live in closets, and they really do frighten children. The reason is because the childrens' screams power the world the monsters live in beyond the closet doors.

That's the inspired premise of the by-then unstoppable Pixar's creative juggernaut as everyday schmoe factory workers Mike (Crystal) and Sully (Goodman) go about their business scaring up power for the company that powers Monstropolis.

But everything goes pear-shaped when one little girl takes to the big, fluffy Sully and escapes in the monster's world, causing havoc.

Despite human children being throught of as dangerously toxic, Sully instead develops a soft spot for the little girl, who seems to regard him as a giant teddy bear. It's cuddly and sweet, but the real genius of Pixar movies - as evidenced here - is their talent for creating stories we can all relate to and transposing them to these other-worldly worlds.

Endlessly repeatable and a technical first as well, it marked the first film where CGI artists managed to create convincing hair.

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