Year: 1989
Production Co: Magic Films
Director: Robert Dyke
Producer: Robert Dyke
Cast: Walter Keonig, Bruce Campbell
One of those movies that treads the line between serious and cult. Everything from the design of the poster to the production quality is dead serious, with an almost Minghella-like quality. But the premise is pure schlock horror as technology from an intelligence thousands of years old is bought back from the moon and starts acting weirdly.

When veteran astronaut (Koenig) and his younger sidekick (Campbell) travel back to the lunar surface to investigate what's going on, where the machinery left from the previous tenants starts taking on a life of its own - a deadly one.

This slasher-like plot takes place with some very well-executed scenes of some of the more realistic space travel we've seen on screen.

There are some effective scares and horror (Bruce Campbell's leering face transplanted to a killer robot), and you'll be nicely surprised if you stumble across this film by accident.

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