Morvern Callar

Year: 2002
Director: Lynne Ramsay
Cast: Samantha Morton
This film went on my must-see list because of the number of reviews I read that gave it their highest possible rating. Otherwise I knew nothing about it.

Big mistake. High art masquerading as cinema, where the director knows exactly what's going on and what the characters intentions are but wouldn't stoop to make them in any way clear for the likes of you.

Morvern is a young woman who comes home to her Scottish (or is it Irish? Even that part's gone from my memory) flat to find her writer boyfriend dead on the floor after committing suicide, leaving her his money and novel, asking her to try and have it published.

She submits it to a publisher and takes off with the money to a holiday in Spain with her best friend. There they relax, shag, and go off on strange tangents and travels where neither they nor you will have idea why they're there.

From a plotting point of view, all that happens is that the publishers love the book and pursue Morvern throughout Spain to get her to sign a deal with them.

The scene on the train station at the beginning is an omen. The public phone rings, Morvern answers it, talks for a minute to the caller on the other end and hangs up. It isn't referred to again and isn't explained. That's unfortunately what the rest of the movie's like, and if there was a point, it went way over my head.

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