Mother Night

Year: 1996
Director: Ketih Gordon
Writer: Kurt Vonnegut
Cast: Nick Nolte, Sheryl Lee, John Goodman, Kirsten Dunst, Alan Arkin
Quite brilliantly crafted from beginning to end, with Nolte and Goodman perfect in their respective roles and further establishing themselves as two of the few actors who can successfully straddle mainstream and arthouse. American playwright in Nazi Germany is recruited by the US to broadcast pro-Nazi propaganda over the radio, top secret Allied codes hidden in the texts. The catch is that he can never come clean and no government will admit his existence.

He ends up in an Israeli jail along with the likes of Goering and Hess, writing his memoirs before killing himself. Along the way he must deal with the heartbreak of losing his beloved actress wife and the turmoil of falling for her near-identical sister. A beautiful tragedy all the way through, and another good choice for Lee, who's consistently selected interesting roles when she could have cashed in big time on being TV's most famous murder victim.

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