Mr Brooks

Year: 2007
Studio: MGM
Director: Bruce A Evans
Producer: Raynold Gideon/Kevin Costner
Writer: Bruce A Evans/Raynold Gideon
Cast: Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, William Hurt, Marg Helgenberger
Kevin Costner and Demi Moore together? No, it's not the residents list at a Hollywood retirees home, it's part of the hopeful career renaissance of both actors, operating either end of a dramatic seesaw in this fairly lacklustre drama thriller.

Imaginary friends have always been a big sell in the movies - think everyone from Harvey the rabbit to Tyler Durden. As the externally projected superego of Mr. Brooks' (Costner) mind, William Hurt is the only one having any fun, appearing only to model citizen Brooks in order to encourage the addiction the latter wants to leave behind forever - killing people.

When Brooks is carelessly photographed at a thrill killing, his unhinged blackmailer (Cook) insists the veteran murderer take him on his next 'fix' and show him the tricks of the trade.

So begins an unlikely and uneasy alliance between the two men, Brooks roped into one more hit, Cook obviously harbouring a double cross. And hot on their trail is headstrong female cop Atwood (Moore), battling her own demons while she hunts the killer down.

There are a lot of interesting narrative elements but little of consequence is made of them. You're waiting for a Sixth Sense-like reveal about the true identity of Brooks' nasty Jiminy Cricket figure in Marshall or how Atwood's mysterious background will be connected to the story but the plot just ambles along, leaving every opportunity to shock or engage untouched.

The main players still have it after several decades but the movie's like episodes of their own star TV shows interspersed together. Legend has it Mr Brooks is the first chapter of a trilogy and let's hope so - there has to be a point in there somewhere.

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