Mr Destiny

Year: 1990
Production Co: Laurence Mark Productions
Studio: Disney
Director: James Orr
Producer: James Orr
Writer: James Orr
Cast: James Belushi, Linda Hamilton, Rene Russo, Jon Lovitz, Michael Caine
Another of those timewarp/get-a-second-chance movies. Not that I think there were that many of them, but the sensibility, aesthetic and premise of this movie was so familiar it probably tricked me into thinking I've seen it a million times before - even more recently with Click.

They also probably thought Michael Caine as the wise old mage behind the magic would give it credibility, but this was around the time of Jaws 4 and Blame it On Rio when nothing he did had much credibility.

Belushi is a down on his luck schmoe who wishes he could live his life over, convinced it'd be better if he'd hit that home run as a kid that's haunted him all his life.

Mr Destiny (Mike) obliges, transporting him to an alternate reality where things are 'much better'. You see where I'm going with this? He realises how much he misses everything he felt blasé about in his other life - like the wife (Linda Hamilton) who doesn't particularly like him in his new reality.

So he has to seek out the wise mage and get things put back right, secure in the knowledge that his life is just the way it was meant to be. Big sigh, probably a cheesy rock ballad by Oingo Boingo over the closing credits, the end.

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