Murder Can Hurt You

Year: 1980
Production Co: Aaron Spelling Productions
Director: Roger Duchowny
Cast: Tony Danza, Burt Young, Gavin McLeod, Don Adams
One you probably haven't seen without a misspent youth in front of the TV. A made-fort TV comedy from the stable of Aaron Spelling, it's a live action Mad Magazine spoof of all the TV cop dramas that were popular at the time.

A killer is bumping off all the great detectives, and it's up to the remaining few iconic characters like Studsky, Palumbo, Nojack and Salty (a take-off of Pepper, if that's too obscure for you) to track him down.

With a sense of absurd straight out of Monty Python and It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, and the juvenile sense of humour of the Flying High movies, it's nirvana for anyone who likes stupid comedy.

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