My Left Foot

Year: 1989
Director: Jim Sheridan
Writer: Christy Brown
Cast: Daniel Day Lewis, Brenda Fricker
A more accessible film and somehow much nicer film than I thought it'd be. I was expecting the story of Christy Brown as told through the eyes of a man who is shunned by the world, but instead (and in a pleasant surprise), we see Christy growing up among people who love him and accept him as one of their own - scenes like him playing soccer with his friends are enough to bring tears to even the most hardened moviegoer.

As he grows up and overcomes the inherent barriers to communicating with his family and loved ones, we see the relationship that make up Christy's life as he realises his true calling as an artist; with him Mum, Dad, brothers, sister and the doctor with whom he falls in love (ironically providing the biggest wake up call of the film - until that point, we've almost forgotten that Christy is disabled and can't see why the doctor can't be with him).

Based on the true story of Brown's life, the film however belongs to Lewis, who gives the performance of him life as a cerebral palsy sufferer and in whose every tick, slurred word, spasming movement and frustration at them all we believe whole heartedly.

Much more uplifting and inspiring than sad, it quite rightly challenges everything you believe about disabilities.

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