My Life

Year: 1993
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Director: Bruce Joel Rubin
Producer: Bruce Joel Rubin
Writer: Bruce Joel Rubin
Cast: Michael Keaton, Nicole Kidman, Queen Latifah, Michael Constantine, Richard Schiff
A well put together tearjerker with a familiar theme - live each day as if it were your last - but a well-intentioned heart.

High-powered couple Bob (Keaton) and Gail (Kidman) are bought up short in their lives when Bob's diagnosed with cancer. In danger of never meeting the unborn son Gail's pregnant with, he starts a series of videotapes teaching his son the ways of the world, everything from how to shake hands confidently to shaving.

As frightened but covering it up with as much cynicism as any of us would, he also starts a herbal cancer treatment with a mysterious Asian doctor, who can see a lot more wrong with him than cancer.

Here the movie enters familiar territory as Bob has to forgive and reconcile with demons and regrets, but the script and direction goes about it in a quiet way that doesn't trumpet life lessons and morals from on high and is all the more affecting for it.

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