The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult

Year: 1994
Studio: Paramount
Director: Peter Segal
Producer: Robert K Weiss
Writer: David Zucker/Jerry Zucker/Jim Abrahams/Pat Proft
Cast: Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley, Fred Ward, Anna Nicole Smith, OJ Simpson, George Kennedy
Something interesting happened with this film - it was much better than the first sequel. It's hard to explain exactly why, but something about the story made it unobtrusive and it didn't show through the cracks like the plot of The Smell of Fear.

Besides that, the second installment of the Police Files series extracted several hearty chuckles, but 33 1/3 (the Zuckers were prepared to push the joke right to the bleeding edge of the idea) had several laugh out loud moments ('It's the bomb!', 'Cigarette?'- 'Yes, I know'). Skip the second one unless you're really hard up and go straight for Drebin's swan song.

A gang of terrorists want to blow up the Academy Awards, and Drebin has to go undercover at a brutal prison to get into the good graces of their point man (Ward), falling for his pneumatic girlfriend (Smith) in the process. The Zuckers gave up the directing reigns and handed them over to soon-to-be Sandler protégé Peter Segal, and the result is as good as the original. Also OJ Simpson's final role before the freakshow of the infamous trial descended upon him later that same year.

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