The Naked Lunch

Year: 1990
Production Co: Film Trustees Ltd
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: David Cronenberg
Writer: William S Burroughs
Cast: Peter Weller, Judy Davis, Julian Sands, Ian Holm
Another head-shrinking movie I wanted to love but couldn't even watch in one sitting it meant so little. All allegory, symbolism, comment and subtext (apparently), it's the story of a former writer who's now an exterminator (Weller) who's so hopelessly addicted to his bug spray - a potent drug - that he hallucinates hi typewriter coming to life, informing him he's an agent of a top secret organization and must murder his wife (Davis) and travel to a Middle Eastern enclave to await further instructions.

His contact is a giant squid-like thing, he doesn't really trust the typewriter that turns into a bug, and the wife of a prominent local personality is exactly like his wife.

Being Cronenberg, it's a parable on everything from flesh to the fusion of flesh with machinery, drugs and sex, and everything that's wet and squishy. But, being too much like a David Lynch film, I gave up.

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