Naked Weapon (Chek law dak gung)

Year: 2002
Director: Jing Wong
Cast: Maggie Q
A visual filmmaking style all its own sets this Hong Kong-style, ultraviolent martial arts festival apart from nastier straight to video contemporaries.

An elite outfit kidnaps young girls, whisks them to an island and trains them until they mature in the most lethal ways of a beautiful female assassin; stealth, power, martial arts and style.

Two of them become friends, Charlene (the beautiful Maggie Q) and Anya. Tiring of her violent lifestyle, they go on the run, and aided by detective Jack, an appropriately over the top battle of wits, guns and fists ensues.

Inspiring/inspired by the wirework stunt performing so in fashion now, it hardly outdoes The Matrix, but it doesn't sink into the quagmire of generic Hong Kong bloodbaths either.

A remake of the same director's Naked Killer from 1992.

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