The Name of the Rose

Year: 1986
Production Co: Cristaldifilm
Studio: 20th Centyr Fox
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Writer: Umberto Eco
Cast: Sean Connery, Christian Slater, Ron Perlman
It's a genre mash-up and as the trailer said, it concerns 'a man of reason in an age of blind faith'. From the early pen of Umberto Eco comes the story of a straight-arrow monk (Connery) charged with finding out who's killing the members of a remote abbey.

He takes his sidekick (Slater) with him, and there are several subplot asides such as the young novice's sexual awakening, senior members of the dark ages Catholic Church.

It's all wrapped up in the dark secrets of the church a la The Da Vinci Code, and though something of the lyric beauty if Eco's writing is lost in translation, it's an effective murder mystery in a time and place you've never seen before.

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