Nanny McPhee

Year: 2006
Director: Kirk Jones
Writer: Emma Thompson
Cast: Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Kelly Macdonald, Angela Lansbury, Celia Imre, Imelda Staunton
Another one I wouldn't bother seeing if I wasn't a father. Likely to get drowned completely out at the tail end of the school holidays when it was released locally (and I imagine it indeed was by the likes of Chicken Little and Chronicles of Narnia), it's a fairy story about a family of uncontrollable kids who drive nannies off for fun while their long-suffering father (Firth) tries to hold everything together.

He has a doddery old benefactor Aunt to deal with (Lansbury) and a budding romance with lovely housekeeper (Macdonald from the exhaustive cast of Gosford Park).

So when the mysterious Nanny McPhee shows up looking like a witch and uses her apparently magic powers to teach the children the requisite kids-movie lessons, they of course turn around and come to love her. A few funny lines but very predictable, based on a series of kids' books, and interestingly enough written by leading lady Emma Thompson.

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