National Lampoon’s European Vacation

Year: 1985
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Amy Heckerling
Writer: John Hughes
Cast: Chevy Chase, Beverley D'Angelo, Jason Lively
The first sequel to this distinctive franchise was a simple enough idea - take everything audiences knew and loved about the Griswalds and mix it up with a whole lot of fiush out of water comedy.

Better still, it subversively (perhaps unwittingly) takes several swipes at the stereotypical image of the American abroad - ignorant, clumsy, uncultured and embarrassing.

Less a plot than a series of skits as the family knocks over Stonehenge, gets involved in a brawl during that traditional German dance where they slap each other and a softcore porn film of Ellen gets out after Clark's videoed her in their hotel and then lost the camera.

Lively, the guy who played Rusty, was James in Night of the Creeps and I'm never seen him anywhere else.

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