National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1

Year: 1993
Production Co: 3 Art Entertainment
Studio: New Line Cinema
Director: Gene Quantino
Producer: Suzanne Todd
Writer: Gene Quantino
Cast: Emilio Estevez, Samuel L Jackson, Kathy Ireland, Whoopi Goldberg, Willian Shatner, Tim Curry, Jon Lovitz, Bruce Willis
Strongly in the visual gag humour vein of the Flying High movies, this rip off of cop action dramas like Lethal Weapon took a paper thin plot and then threw as many jokes of varying degrees of success at the story, hoping some would stick.

In a pleasant surprise, many do. I even remember the newspaper ads that came out at the time of the theatrical release, where the comments quoting critics that normal adorn such ads were things like 'great movie' - the director's mom and dad, and 'convenient parking' - audience member.

It was also the only other major comic franchise National Lampoon embarked upon, and whether it was part of the joke or wishful thinking putting '1' in the title, it was their last. For trivia hounds, there was indeed going to be a sequel, but the box office take nixed it.

Colt (Estevez) and Lugers (Jackson) are on the trail of dope pushers who intend to foist their product on the whole country. Lugers' former partner (an uncredited Whoopi Goldberg) was killed investigating the case and now the duo is dragged into it, along with love interest and it girl of the time Kathy Ireland as Miss Demeanour.

I promise I won't endlessly quote the dialogue like I usually do, either ('that her?' 'No, that's a picture')

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