National Lampoon’s Vacation

Year: 1983
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Harold Ramis
Producer: John Hughes
Cast: Chevy Chase, Beverley D'Angelo, Anthony Michael Hall, Randy Quaid, Christie Brinkley, James Keach, Eugene Levy, John Candy
They kept milking it, but the story of the Griswolds on their road trip across America to Walley World is still the jewel in National Lampoon's crown.

It was fresh at the time as loving and doltish family man Clark (Chase, in the role that more than any other suited his smiling, goofy shtick) deals with rebellious kids growing up faster than he can believe, a beautiful wife who's devoted to him (D'Angelo) and a fellow traveller making very tempting advances (Brinkley) as he takes them across the country to visit the theme park of their favourite TV character.

Clark is all good nature and bad luck as they pick up a great Aunt who subsequently dies, rob a resort near the grand canyon, ditch the Family Truckster into the desert and meet the creepy inbred cousin Eddie (Quaid).

It didn't set any benchmarks and didn't do anything particularly groundbreaking, but most of us can still break into a rendition of 'Holiday Rooooooooooooad'.

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