The Net

Year: 1995
Studio: Columbia
Director: Irwin Winkler
Producer: Irwin Winkler
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam
A Hollywood producer with little idea of what the Internet was all about (uber-producer Irwin Winkler, as it happens) in an attempt at wrapping a very generic thriller up in cool clothes. Maybe it's just because I'm Internet-aware, but it's very hard for a Hollywood movie aiming squarely for the mainstream to be geeky enough to surprise or interest me.

Sandra Bullock is in sleep-walk mode as a software engineer enjoying life in the burgeoning online world when it was still a novelty for most of us. By its very nature it's dated as her online friends start getting bumped off because of some instantly forgettable conspiracy, and in the end the only solution - gasp! - is to unplug and return to the real world!

Not terribly exciting, and ironically for the time, not very interesting.

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