The Neverending Story 2: The Next Chapter

Year: 1990
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: George Miller
Cast: Jonathan Brandis
I read the novel The Neverending Story a few years after the 1984 original came out, and it covered the events of both films.

So it's a mystery as to why this one was so lame. Barrett Oliver, a sort of younger, cuter version of Elliot from ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, had a lot of charisma for a kid his age as Bastian first time around, but the kid who played Mikey in the miniseries version of Stephen King's It just didn't have the same X factor.

It also didn't help that there was no luck dragon, no princess, no rock biter, no The Nothing and no scary talking wolf character. In fact, I can't remember a thing about it apart from dodgy effects and a waterfall. Not a patch on Wolfgang Petersen's timeless fantasy classic.

And apparently nobody realised how silly it was to have a 'part 2' to a story that's supposed never to have ended.

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