Year: 2008
Production Co: 3 Dogs and a Pony
Director: Dan Castle
Writer: Dan Castle
How you walk into Newcastle might make all the difference. It's the story of a local lad, his friends and family, girls, surfing, the shadow of his failed older brother, the inexorable pull of maturity, the pressure to prove himself and the wisdom of his elders.

The writer/director assembles a bright young cast who all do a good job, although the happenstance of the film might meander a little slowly for some audiences, ironically for many younger viewers who are too used to the Xbox360 style of filmmaking Hollywood's conditioned us all to.

Newcastle's other hurdle might be your perspective. You might find yourself nodding knowingly, maybe feeling a tear rise as people give voice to your own fears and hopes. You might yawn and roll your eyes, wishing you could revisit these princes and princesses when they have a mortgage to pay and mouths of their own to feed so you can ask them if they finally understand how hard life can be.

Depending on your point of view, your age and too many other factors and life experiences to list, Newcastle could either be The Year My Voice Broke for the 21st century or as boring and vacuous as less airbrushed episode of Beverly Hills 90210. I was decidedly among the latter, bored out of my mind with these self indulgent, selfish little cretins apart from the moment during the gratuitous flash of the delicious young lead actress's fabulous breasts.

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