The Night Flier

Year: 1997
Production Co: New Amsterdam Entertainment
Director: Mark Pavia
Writer: Mark Pavia
Cast: Miguel Ferrer
One of those cheap, direct to video Stephen King adaptations that was made and sold simply because of the author's name above the title.

And in truth, not as bad as you think it'll be. Oddball B lister Miguel ( Robocop , Twin Peaks) Ferrer plays Richard Dees, a scumbag paparazzo photographer for the trashy tabloid press (and a King character who originally turned up in The Dead Zone, for trivia hounds).

He gets wind of a mass murderer who flies a light plane across the country by night, landing in remote airports and laying waste to the human population inside each small terminal with the modus operandi of a vampire.

The conceit of the story is that Dees falls for the pitfall that's become his professional credo - never publish what you believe and never believe what you publish. On the trail of the killer, he's sucked further into the mystery and ends up believing until he comes face to face with something he never could have credited.

It's interesting in being one of those rare films where the protagonist is a rotten person. It's always a risk because most of what many films have to offer is for the audience to identify with the main character.

It's not terribly scary but there's enough plot and eventually blood to satisfy if you're familiar with King's short story.

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