Night of the Creeps

Year: 1986
Production Co: Delphi V Productions
Director: Fred Dekker
Writer: Fred Dekker
Cast: Jason Lively, David Paymer
A classic 80s horror movie just begging to be discovered on video (where most of its fans found it). It's a cool take on a zombie movie that doesn't scrimp on any of the nudity, gore and laughs you'd expect.

Best friends Chris Romero and James Carpenter Hooper (get the nods, horror fans?) start Corman college (another one). Chris is a nerd who has no luck with girls and his devoted and disabled friend JC is determined to get him laid.

They meet the cute Cindy Cronenberg (yet again) and romance blossoms but that's not all that's coming to school on the night of the formal dance. Cindy's alpha male jerk boyfriend Brad is the least of the guy's problems, as the corpse of an axe murderer lies in peace under the sorority mother's cottage.

Worse still, alien mutant brain eating slugs that get in through your mouth and turn you into a zombie are on the loose, reanimating the dead so only a gunshot wound and flamethrower will put them back down again.

Chris has to team up with grizzled cop Ray Cameron (still not the last one), a man who has a painful history in town. As a young cop, his girl broke his heart by going with another guy, and on the night of the infidelity, the murderer - an escaped asylum patient - caught up with her, hacking her up with an axe while her boyfriend is in the woods getting attacked by the alien brain eating slugs.

It's a cool story with great dialogue, great characters and everything you expect from a good time horror movie. Made in the wrong era, it bombed unceremoniously. If it had been made today, it'd be a classic.

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