Night We Never Met, The

Year: 1993
Director: Warren Leight
Writer: Warren Leight
Cast: Matthew Broderick, Annabella Sciorra, Jeanne Tripplehorn
I have something of a crush on Annabella Sciorra and always have, which is partly the reason I wanted to see this romantic comedy of errors.

Three people share a flat in New York, inhabiting it at different times of the week because it's all they can afford; a married and mostly unsatisfied woman (Sciorra), a mild mannered department store cheese counter clerk (Broderick) and a playboy womaniser.

The comedy comes from the confusion which arises as the trio leave each other messages, messes, meals and promises, and love blossoms in all the seemingly wrong directions.

A harmless and very vanilla flavoured rom com with little new to offer, except Jeanne Tripplehorn in a larger than life role as a French bimbo and Broderick's ex.

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