Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge

Year: 1985
Director: Jack Sholder
Cast: Clu Gallagher, Robert Englund
The original Freddy Krueger film was great as a horror movie concept - a demonic killer ghost who can enter dreams at will. By the time pen had been put to paper to write this, gleeful film executives had turned it into the biggest, worst cheap slasher franchise of the 1980's.

As a film on its own, part 2 had a few redeeming features in the likeable characters, genuine suspense and terror, but the idea had been done (and would be done again and again and again, in fact to death) and smart moviegoers could already see the horrors of endless sequels to come. Another group of horny teenagers are haunted and killed off by Wes Craven's iconic movie villain - after Craven had the sense to give it up a la Steven Spielberg, realising no sequel would do Jaws justice.

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