Nine Queens

Year: 2000
Director: Fabian Bielinsky
Writer: Fabian Bielinsky
Cast: Garcon Pauls, Ricardo Darin, Letitia Bredice
A fairly classic heist movie with a twist, a well-worn genre that's to be honest hard to get wrong - no matter what the story, characters or setting, if you get the story right and it's easy enough to follow, you'll have a winner every time, because as long as the story has that power of the sudden realisation when everything clicks into place, there are fewer more satisfying experiences to be had from movies.

Examples are as varied as movies themselves, Confidence, Heist and Basic are some recent standouts in the genre that worked despite other flaws.

A small time con is approached by a more experienced scam artist who offers to work together for the day in order to have the youngster help execute a big score selling a sheet of counterfeit stamps, with a rich businessman, the wily elderly lady who owns the stamps and the senior con artist's beautiful sister all angling into the scam in some way or another.

Things go from right to wrong and back again, and the whole time you're wondering who's playing who - no matter how good the story is, that single fact keeps you in. The payoff revealed in the final scene is a little short, but it's satisfying, and gives you another chance to feast your eyes on the delectable Leticia Bredice.

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