Year: 1979
Director: Werner Herzog
Producer: Werner Herzog
Writer: Werner Herzog
Cast: Klaus Kinski, Isabelle Adjani
I'm surprised I've never read about the travesty of such a classic film being remade so badly. Even the art on the advertising posters was magnificent – the film itself promised a gothic artwork, laboured over for years and refined in every detail.

Maybe it was, which makes it more of a shame that it belongs in the same category of ultra-cheap cult Italian zombie films in scripting, acting, special effects and sound and picture quality.

It also wasn't about Nosferatu at all – it was another remake of Dracula, with Renfield, Harker, Mina and Lucy.

I've seen Isabelle Adjani and Klaus Kinski in other films and they're both accomplished actors, so I can't understand what produced such cheap schlock. I only watched about forty five minutes of it and that was far too much.

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