Year: 1922
Production Co: Jofa-Atelier Berlin-Johannisthal
Director: F W Murnau
Cast: Max Schrek
I turned the 1979 remake of Nosferatu off because it turned out to be of the Argento/Fulci school of trashy quality, bad editing and hammy dialogue despite the famous poster art that was so iconic.

And it was quite some years later than I saw the original, without realising it was the story of Dracula as well. I thought Nosferatu was a separate legend, but there you go.

If you don't know the story for you're not from this or the last century, and it's very hard for a man in his 30s sitting in the early 21st century to discuss the merits of a film made almost a century ago.

The limitations of the technology are of course evident and it's hard to overlook them and see the story underneath, but one aspect I loved about Schrek's character was the rat-like appearance. It's an aspect of vampirisim I've always been fascinated with – that rather than seductive dandies they can be almost like vermin (see Stephen King's novel Salem's Lot and John Carpenter's Vampires for the best examples.

A classic you have to have seen.

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