The Nostradamus Kid

Year: 1993
Production Co: Simpson Le Mesurier Films
Director: Bob Ellis
Writer: Bob Ellis
Cast: Noah Taylor, Miranda Otto, Lucy Bell, Colin Friels
Another Australian movie with a very bizarre premise that did nothing to lure you in with an identifiable hook.

It's also a fairly long winded story that doesn't really know what it is, as if writer/director Ellis was trying to enmesh the visceral action of The Cars That Ate Paris and the languor of Picnic at Hanging Rock while enjoying the confusing pretension of both.

After being brought up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, a young man (Taylor) finds himself in Sydney in a relationship with a beautiful girl, an uneasy relationship with his own past and visions of an apocalyptic future that may or may not be allegorical.

Not that I expected it to be commercial or easy to wade through, but I expected it to mean something. Ellis might have been trying to hark back to a bygone era of Australian cinematic existentialism. He was either too lay or way too early, and despite some interesting elements it really went nowhere.

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