Nothing But Trouble

Year: 1991
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Dan Aykroyd
Writer: Dan Aykroyd
Cast: Chevy Chase, Demi Moore, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Raymond J Barry, Brian Doyle Murray, Daniel Baldwin
A bizarre misfire from the then-demigods of the Saturday Night Live stable (Chase, Aykroyd and Candy) - strangely toneless, miscast and mostly not funny.

Writer/director Aykroyd was inspired by a real-life experience when he was pulled over for speeding in the backwoods and hauled before a judge in the middle of the night. It must have been a laugh riot later, but it still wasn't funny enough to base a whole movie on, or certainly not this one.

Chase plays down the buffoonery (a big mistake) to play the straight man pulled over by the bigoted redneck cop and he and girlfriend (Moore in truly inexplicable casting) are held hostage by the townspeople led by the decrepit judge determined to teach them a lesson.

It was done better in Doc Hollywood, and at least there was a story in that one.

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