The Nude Bomb

Year: 1980
Production Co: TimeLife Films
Director: Clive Donner
Writer: Buck Henry/Mel Brooks
Cast: Don Adams, Sylvia Kristel
I got the feeling even at the time of seeing this movie that there'd been some legal wrangling on the Kevin McClory vs Cubby Broccoli scale. The titles from the TV show were absent, as were Edward Platt as the Chief of Control and Barbara Feldon as 99 (replaced as Max's leading lady by Sylvia Kristel as Agent 34).

Of course, the real reason was that they didn't offer Feldon a role, choosing to create a new female offsider, and Platt had been dead for six years. The only scuffle was in fact that the screenwriters had the device of the nude bomb forced on them, resisted and complained and were subsequently barred from the set.

I found it as good as the series as Max is recalled to duty to track down the villain who's deploying a new explosive technology that destroys clothes rather than people, with as many funny scenes, quips, pratfalls and absurdities as creators Henry and Brooks envisioned.

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