Nuns On The Run

Year: 1990
Production Co: Handmade Films
Director: Jonathan Lyon
Producer: Michael White
Writer: Jonathan Lyon
Cast: Eric Idle, Robbie Coltrane
A bit of a one-trick pony but very funny thanks to the British comic sensibility, the charisma and chemistry between stars Coltrane and Idle and a healthy sense of the ribald and absurd.

Charlie (Coltrane) and Brian (Idle) are small time gangsters who want to go straight. They happen to be in a business where you only leave feet first, so when they get wind of their impending hit, they go on the lam, hiding in a convent where they disguise themselves as nuns to avoid the former colleagues looking for them, and can't seem to get out of disguise for the rest of the film.

To make matters more complicated, Brian starts to fall for a novice and very short-sighted convent girl, and the scene is set for a lot of the expected gags and some that still creep up on you. What's most impressive is how the same joke fails to run dry for almost the entire running time.

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