On Deadly Ground

Year: 1994
Production Co: Seagal/Nasso Productions
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Steven Seagal
Producer: Steven Seagal
Cast: Steven Seagal, Michael Caine, Joan Chen, Billy Bob Thornton, R Lee Ermey, John C McGinley
This was the last of movies Steven Seagal made before he became film lore laughing stock. It's also the one where he wore his environmental beliefs on his sleeve, portraying a contractor to a corrupt oil drilling company who goes on the lam and returns to destroy the rig and kick everybody's arses before it pollutes the surroundings.

Lots of sensitive local natives and God-fearing townspeople being victimised, a snarling villain in Michael Caine (what different strata Seagal and Caine occupy in the moviemaking pecking order now) and a classic hero saves the day narrative, all delivered with Seagal's frozen expression and indestructible nature.

Name actors like Joan Chen and Billy Bob Thornton would hardly sink so low nowadays.

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