One Night Stand

Year: 1997
Studio: New Line Cinema
Director: Mike Figgis
Producer: Mike Figgis
Writer: Mike Figgis
Cast: Wesley Snipes, Robert Downey Jr, Natassja Kinski, Ming-Na Wen, Kyle MacLachlan, Thomas Haden Church
The best example of Figgis' half Altmanesque, have Allenesque technique about colliding love and multi-stranded plots and characterisations. Less a story than a snapshot of the often ridiculous vagaries of the heart seen from the viewpoints of a varied group of people, from adman Max (Snipes) to dying artist Charlie (Downey Jr, at the start of his drug troubles but in a very good performance).

While visiting Charlie, Max has a fling with the beautiful Karen (Kinski), returning home to his hot wife Mimi (Wen). When he returns to Charlie's side to share his friend's last days on Earth, he meets Karen again and old feelings smoulder.

Figgis handles it with deftness as he moves from scene to scene, and the realistic approach is for anyone who's ever been married or lusted after somebody.

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