Osmosis Jones

Year: 2001
Director: Peter Farrelly/Bobby Farrelly
Cast: Bill Murray, Chris Elloitt, Chris Rock, David Hyde Pierce, Laurence Fishburne
One of the anomalies of 2001; after a string of lowbrow comic hits, the Farrelly brothers produce one of their finest movies and it gets released to almost no fanfare and disappears without a trace.

A wonderful world is created inside Frank (Murray), where a buzzing metropolis of cells and organisms comprise his body and its functions. A renegade white blood cell (Rock) teams up with a cold pill (Pierce) to track down a killer virus that's invaded, loose and determined to add Frank to his list of victims fast (Fishburne).

The amalgam of the buddy cop movie translated into microscopia works almost faultlessly, and the anatomical gags come thick and fast (from a hot nightclub in the forehead called The Zit to the TV ad by a mayoral candidate wandering around the bowels talking about what a sorry state they're in).

Great animation that at times looks computer generated also helps, and the feeling is of a huge megalopolis that lives inside every human body. The dialogue is sharp thanks to good chemistry between all, the idea behind the story is solid and well executed, and the whole thing is good, wondrous fun.

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