Year: 2004
Director: Robert Greenwald
The left wing has truly capitalised on the cinema documentary to rally defences against the right wing media juggernaut, and films from Fahrenheit 9/11 and The Corporation have set a precedent; if you believe in social justice, believe the media is eroding democracy or believe the moneyed classes have us truly in their sway, the only place you're going to read about it or see it is at the movies.

Ironic then that this doco takes aim at its own delivery method - the media, and in particular the hard-line pro-Republican stance not only taken by the Fox network but the precedent set by them that all the other networks are falling over themselves to emulate.

It's part of a cacophony of pro business white noise you know exists so while Outfoxed fills in some of the details, little of it is really a surprise, from the disgruntled former employees to the one man flag waver in shock jock Bill O'Reilly.

Except for one thing. Even I wouldn't have believed the US military would turn its weapons knowingly on foreign journalists who aren't adhering to the Pentagon party line, but the film gives very compelling evidence they did just that.

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