Owning Mahony

Year: 2003
Director: Richard Kwietniowski
Cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Minnie Driver, John Hurt
Interesting story and a character actor's (like Hoffman) dream as he plays a mild mannered bank manager with a thirst for gambling.

Flying to Atlantic City on weekends via the small time frauds he exacts against his employer using fake accounts and non-existent payees as well as racking up debts to a local gambling kingpin, the thrill of winning is played with brilliant subtlety by every flicker of emotion (or lack of it) across Hoffman's face. Most telling is the symptom of his disease - as an addict, he seems to take no simple pleasure in winning, even when he runs up winnings of $9m.

Based on a true story, where his casino of choice identifies him as a high roller and schmoozes him with suites and hookers and even helps him circumvent the law so he can keep playing.

A cool little film with great acting and a strong independent mood despite some big names.

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