Pale Rider

Year: 1985
Production Co: Malpaso Company
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Clint Eastwood
Producer: Clint Eastwood
Cast: Clint Eastwood, Michael Moriarty, Richard Kiel
Before the western genres most iconic star cleaned up at the 1992 Academy Awards and declared the western back with Unforgiven, he tried once before with this lesser effort.

More or less rehashing his own most famous character, Clint is an unnamed preacher in the wild west who finds a cause to defend and has to put away his white collar and reach reluctantly for his six guns again.

The lawless gang is a corrupt mining company encroaching on a peaceful township, and it's the single lady and her teenaged daughter who capture The Preacher's heart and help deliver a solid effort in the genre if you're a western fan.

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