Panic Room

Year: 2002
Studio: Columbia
Director: David Fincher
Producer: David Koepp
Writer: David Koepp
Cast: Jodie Foster, Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto, Dwight Yoakam, Kristen Stewart

A high concept pitch if ever there was one, with the title almost encompassing the whole movie. But it didn't come from the stables of Simpson, Bruckheimer or their progeny, and some serious performances by fine actors give it a seriously thrilling and not a popcorn edge.

Foster and teenage daughter move into a dream Manhattan apartment with a steel-encased room - complete with security, phone line and ventilation - in which to hide in a home invasion. Unfortunately, they have one on the first night, and a cat and mouse game of three crims trying to get into the safe room with mother and daughter trying to keep them out ensues for most of the movie.

The tension is delivered by the shovelful in episodes of attempts by both parties to get what they want by some inspired camera work by Fincher, travelling through the many floors of the house, through keyholes and vents. Three of the most human criminals seen in recent times, with Whitaker always the good guy, Leto the creepy loser who can't keep control, and a chilling Yoakam as the sadistic, quiet type who won't stop short of murder.

Why they want to get inside the room (money hidden by the rich former owner) is almost incidental. Genuine thrills, excellent cinematography, sharp characters and a good sense of movement keep you riveted the whole way through.

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