Perfect Catch

Year: 2005
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: Peter Farrelly/Bobby Farrelly
Writer: Nick Hornby/Lowell Ganz
Cast: Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore, Ione Skye
The Farrelly brothers have evolved a long way since they first made a splash in movies in the days of Kingpin. Garnering a reputation for being the puerile kings of gross-out humour, their movies have also actually had a lot of heart, so in that case Perfect Catch isn't altogether different.

Released locally and in Europe under that name after being called Fever Pitch in the US, it tells the story of a mild mannered schoolteacher (Fallon, who I thought would be supremely irritating but manages to lose most of his manboy shtick here) who falls in love with a high-powered career girl (Barrymore, cute and charming as she always is).

Everything goes swimmingly until baseball season when his devotion to the game starts to kind of sort of threaten to cause mild waves. The whole movie could have been that single joke and no more, but the script is actually very skilful the way it explores the chain of events and feelings whereby the characters reach that stage, filling the running time and engaging you at every step.

Little more than a clever and funny romantic comedy, and for that reason the Farrellys have morphed from the two sniggering schoolboys into most other studio rom-com hacks, but despite all the romantic comedy institutions all being squarely in the right place, the leads are likeable and the result is satisfying.

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