Year: 2007
Production Co: 2.4.7 Films
Director: Vincent Paronnaud/Marjane Satrapi
Writer: Vincent Paronnaud/Marjane Satrapi

You can tell just be looking at the trailer that this is an inventive way to tell a story, co-directors Paronnaud and Satrapi (who also wrote the comic) taking a Studio Ghibli, low-fi approach that's refreshing in the Pixar age.

Marjane is a young Iranian woman sitting in a park ruminating on her life. As a kid she loved nothing more than Bruce Lee movies. As a teenager she loved punk music, and as a young woman she studies and searches for love.

But her life and that of her tolerant parents is a lens through which we see a potted history of Iran in the latter parts of the 20th century as the Shah is deposed, the vacuum left filled with extremism and tyranny and the war with Iraq.

Dangerously outspoken and defiant, her parents reluctantly pack her off to Vienna to study, but Marjane finds prejudice and uncertainty about how proud she should be of her heritage while she looks for somewhere to belong.

The animation is a cute touch and probably got the movie made due to the costs involved, but the story itself is entertaining enough alone while informing you without you really knowing.

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