Peter Pan

Year: 2003
Director: P J Hogan
Writer: P J Hogan/J M Barrie
Cast: Jeremy Sumpter, Jason Isaacs, Olivia Williams, Lynne Redgrave
I didn't see the theatrical release of Peter Pan, watching it on video about a year later.

And I often wondered what sort of marketing was behind the release date. It came out at the biggest time of the year, on top of Lord of the Rings and at least one other major release.

But having watched the first hour and turned it off in disgust, I can understand. They weren't counting on it being a major release, because you can see what little money they spent on it.

I realise it was a kids movie, but everything about it was cheap and nasty. The effects are cheap and nasty, the standard you're used to from 15 years ago when you can see the outline of the figures they superimposed over another frame.

Jeremy Sumpter as Pan was awful, the other kids barely better apart from the kid who played Wendy, who a real charm and beauty.

But the dialogue had none of the weight of the original story (apart from the odd nod to classic lines from it) and the whole thing was too much like the original Harry Potter, a cheap rush job with no flavour.

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