Peter’s Friends

Year: 1992
Director: Kenneth Brannagh
Cast: Kenneth Brannagh, Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson, Rita Rudner, Hugh Laurie

True to life incident film of a group of old friends who've gone their own way in life converging on a mansion owned by one of them (Fry) for a weekend get together. Deals with everything from SIDS to AIDS with compassion, brutal reality and humour from beginning to end. Every character is different and well defined, some pathetic, some lovable, sometimes a bit of the two - just like in real life.

Gives a flashbulb snippet of a group of lives and presents them near perfectly, backed up by excellent performances from all concerned and manages to tell the entire story with humour, so even when confronted with a miserable situation, you know you're watching a brilliantly crafted comedy.

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