Pete’s Dragon

Year: 1977
Studio: Walt Disney
Director: Don Chaffey
Cast: Helen Reddy, Mickey Rooney, Red Buttons, Shelley Winters
Way before Who Framed Roger Rabbit and certainly an age before the half-animated CG film output of today, a bunch of Disney animators sat down with pens and pencils, drew a cute, dopey dragon and had a director tell actor Sean Marshall (who's probably a father with teenaged children now) to look at random marks around the set where they'd have to paint each frame of the film with the dragon later.

Ask me about the plot and I'll glaze over. It was some sort of Cinderella story about a good boy trying to escape nasty step-parents (and I got that off the Internet Movie Database).

All I remember is that watching cartoon characters interact with real people was so cool in 1977 and the goofy mumble of Elliott the dragon's voice. It probably looked startlingly realistic and at six years old, I would have loved it.

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