The Philadelphia Experiment

Year: 1984
Production Co: New World Pictures
Director: Stewart Raffill
Cast: Michael Paré, Nancy Allen, Stephen Toblowsky
There's always been a lot of talk in conspiracy circles that the incident this movie is based on was a true case where the US Navy experimented with invisibility and managed to get a navy ship to disappear into some other dimension.

It'd be a fantastic movie with the right effects and sense of grandiosity, but with bargain basement graphics and a hackneyed love story throughline it's a bit of a letdown as a movie despite being a solid introduction into the idea.

Of course, the alleged real incident was a World War II experiment in cloaking technology and resulted in the USS Eldridge disappearing completely for brief periods.

In the movie version, two crewmen are stuck aboard the destroyer in port when the experiment is carried out and find themselves sent through a kind of 'hypertime/space' dimension where they're deposited 40 years into the future (there was a lot of it going around in 1984, what with the Arnie-shaped T-800 arriving from the future that same year).

One of them, played by Micahel Paré, ends up being helped by and falling in love with a girl from the present (Allen), who must help him find his way home. Although I don't remember how, a small rural town is also involved as I can still see the cheesy scenes of the big circle of flat ground complete with the township intact and spinning slowly in the netherworld.

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