Planet Terror

Year: 2007
Studio: The Weinstein Company
Director: Robert Rodriuguez
Producer: Harvey Weinstein/Bob Weinstein/Robert Rodriguez
Writer: Robert Rodriuguez
Cast: Rose McGowan, Freddy Rodriguez, Michael Biehn, Tom Savini, Josh Brolin, Marley Shelton, Bruce Willis, Naveen Andrews

The far superior effort in the ill-fated Grindhouse experiment, Rodriguez's zombie caper is campier, funnier and much more effective.

When a top secret military project goes awry and a toxic gas is released, things go to hell in a handbasket fast in the rural Texas enclave where a disparate group of strangers and former associates will find themselves teaming up to stop the zombie/military menace.

Among them are town cops (Biehn, Savini), stripper Cherry (McGowan), her former lover El Wray (Rodriguez), a doctor escaping a scarily abusive husband (Shelton) and the scientist who's gone on the lam with the secret formula (Andrews).

Movie references only the most dedicated cult fans will get fly around the screen like the disembodied limbs and gallons of blood as the group has to try and stop the crooked military who need the toxin for their own sick purposes (Tarantino's expected cameo has never been as gross or effective), break into the compound and save the day.

It appeared Rodriguez wasn't taking himself nearly as seriously as Tarantino was, whose half of the double bill was dour and boring by comparison.

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