Plots With a View

Year: 2004
Director: Nick Hurran
Cast: Alfred Molina, Naomi Watts, Christopher Walken, Lee Evans, Jerry Springer
Frivolous comedy with an out-of-place sense of hyperkinetics (or maybe it's the history of movies set in sleepy Welsh villages that make us think of how they should be) provides a few laughs and not much else.

Funeral director Boris (Molina, busier than ever these days straddling between indie and big budget and across genres) is in love with the mayor's wife Betty and has been for years. When he finally declares his love, they decide to fake her death to sneak away together.

Thrown into the mix is a charismatic American funeral director (Walken) who thinks funerlas should be full of pizazz and showmanship - including song and dance numbers and dressing the deceased in Star Trek uniforms.

Lots of other mostly redundant characters drift in and out without adding much, such as Naomi Watts, playing the tart the Mayor's cheating on Betty with. In fact, she wants to watch herself. After spending over a decade in the film wilderness she blazed onto the scene with Mulholland Drive and The Ring but if she continues with fairy floss like this, her star will fall just as quickly.

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