Police Academy

Year: 1984
Director: Hugh Wilson
Cast: Steve Guttenburg, G W Bailey, George Gaynes, Kim Catrall, Bubba Smith, Michale Winslow, David Graf, Leslie Easterbrook
Although a tasteless, brainless, typical 1980s teen comedy, at least the original in a series that went on far too long. After the liberal mayor of a big American city turns enrolment into the police force a free for all, the biggest (and most conveniently funny) bunch of losers and misfits all come to enlist and go through police academy training. Not a lot of story, not a hell of a lot of comedy, but a lot of cheap laughs thanks to the various characters' shticks (Winslow's sound effects, Graf's action hero). More of a climax than any of its successors had, and Catrall (who'd find fame years later in TV's Sex in the City after a decade of B movie Hollywood comedies like Mannequin) had the sense to get out a lot earlier than Guttenberg did.

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