Poor Cecily

Year: 1974
Production Co: Phoenix International Films
Director: F C Perl
Producer: F C Perl
Writer: Cedric Malcome

I wouldn't ordinarily review what's essentially a soft porn film, but if Basic Instinct's good enough... It's like a cross between a Regency romance period drama and an exploitation film, particularly in the notorious prison scene.

A repressed but beautiful young woman is sold into slavery to pay for her father's debts after he dies, and it just so happens she becomes the property of one perverted wealthy landowner after another, all of whom bring on her erotic maturity in some way or other.

After being introduced to the beauty of same-sex-loving by her caring first mistress, she runs away in revulsion at her own pleasure in it. Soon finding her way to another castle, she's again press ganged into service at the landlady's debauched orgies where she's made to serve drinks and occasionally service guests.

It's all very chaste (as far as porn goes) until she tries to run away again and is caught and thrown in a prison where her and her fellow inmates are chained up, whipped, put on racks and branded. It's still not the most extreme misogynist violence you've seen on screen, but it's an about face from the rest of the film and you'll be glad it was all done on grainy 70s-era video stock.

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