Year: 1982
Production Co: Melvin Simon Productions
Director: Bob Clark
Producer: Bob Clark
Writer: Bob Clark
Cast: Dan Monahan, Kim Catrall
There's a very particular reason why Porky's was so much more ribald than the teen comedies of today's kids - the resurgence of which was American Pie and has since morphed into the Apatow-style 'kidult' comedies.

At the time, Hollywood considered kids those aged about 20-25, and they'd never be shocked by a bunch of school kids in the 50s who make a night of converging on a brothel complete with outrageous sex, nudity and profanity.

Nowadays, Hollywood considers kids to be 12 and has adjusted its cultural target accordingly - along with the modern world that wants to bubble wrap children against Internet pornography and paedophiles.

Lovable loser Pee Wee (Monahan) plan to lose his virginity by visiting the notorious redneck whorehouse Porky's with his friends, a swamp-located dump run by the titular bozo and his corrupt sheriff brother.

Thwarted at every turn, the boys (and tomboy Wendy) hatch one plan of revenge after another, and still find time to play horrific practical jokes on each other (ask anyone born in the 1970s who Cherry Forever is and they'll chortle to themselves, then ask them what role Sex in the City's Kim Cattrall was most famous for at the time).

Tasteless, puerile, cock-fixated and a barrel-load of fun. Trivia you might not know - the movie's actually Canadian. Also writer/director Bob Clark was tragically killed along with his 22 year old son in a Los Angeles car crash in 2007.

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